pillars of works

Our scope of work is based on three main pillars


Children who are literate and well-educated will grow up to be independent adults that are able to make informed decisions and get out from poverty cycle. Collectively, they are able to bring the nation forward.


While health is a primary prerequisite for human activities of learning, working and developing, lack of access to and high cost of health service in Indonesia often led people to suffer from untreated illness.


With vast biodiversity, Indonesia holds a lot of potential for growth and conservation, only when the citizens are aware and conscious to take care of their surroundings, starting right now.

what we do

Our Work So Far

Aku Siap Sekolah

We distribute 25,000 sets of school bags, pencil cases, notebooks, and uniforms to underprivileged children in the country so they can go to school without thinking of the cost of supplies.

Bright Eyes Bright Future

We give personalized prescribed eyeglasses to more than 50,000 students across Indonesia. Students have shared that they become more comfortable and confident, not just in learning but also in socializing.

Teachers' Training

We design and conduct training and empowerment program for Indonesian teachers, so teachers could be more creative, in relevance to their context and circumstances.

Taman Ramah Anak

We build public parks and playgrounds, in partnerships with city governments, so there is a designated space for kids to play and families could gather.

Berbagi Bersama Masyarakat

We help those with special needs by donating assistive devices such as hearing aids, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and white canes so they could be more mobile and productive.

Aksi Baca

EnvironmentWe engage students and teachers in various literacy activities that are fun and meaningful, with the hope that there could be more visible reading habit in their school communities.


Our Reach Areas

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